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Rotary Centre for the Arts

The Rotary Centre for the Arts is a vibrant cultural hub located at 421 Cawston Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6Z1. Opened in 2002, this multi-disciplinary arts center was established through a partnership between the City of Kelowna, the Rotary Club of Kelowna, and the Central Okanagan Foundation. The center occupies a 45,000 square foot building in the heart of downtown Kelowna, and features a wide range of programs and services that cater to both the local community and visitors to the area.

One of the key features of the Rotary Centre for the Arts is its state-of-the-art theatre, which can accommodate up to 326 guests. This space is used for a variety of performances, from theatre productions and dance recitals to concerts and film screenings. The theatre is equipped with cutting-edge lighting and sound equipment, ensuring that every performance is of the highest quality.

In addition to the theatre, the Rotary Centre for the Arts houses several other performance spaces, including a black box theatre and a dance studio. These spaces are used for rehearsals, workshops, and smaller-scale performances, providing a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work.

The center also features several galleries that showcase the work of local and regional artists. The Mary Irwin Theatre Gallery is a spacious exhibition space that hosts a range of art shows throughout the year, while the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art focuses on showcasing emerging artists who are experimenting with new techniques and pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms.

The Rotary Centre for the Arts is also home to several community arts programs. The Kelowna Art Gallery provides art classes and workshops for people of all ages, while the Okanagan School of the Arts offers a variety of courses in areas such as music, dance, and theatre. These programs aim to inspire creativity and foster a love of the arts in the local community.

One of the most popular events hosted by the Rotary Centre for the Arts is the Arts Blast Summer Camp. This week-long camp provides children with the opportunity to explore a range of artistic disciplines, including visual arts, theatre, and music. The camp is led by experienced instructors and provides a fun and supportive environment for children to develop their creative skills. Click here

In addition to its artistic programs, the Rotary Centre for the Arts also provides a range of community services. The center houses the Kelowna Community Music School, which offers music lessons and classes to people of all ages and abilities. The center is also home to the Okanagan Regional Library, providing a valuable resource for book lovers and researchers.

The Rotary Centre for the Arts is a true gem in the heart of Kelowna. Its wide range of programs and services make it an essential part of the local community, while its state-of-the-art facilities attract visitors from across the region. Whether you are a lover of the arts, an aspiring artist, or simply looking for a fun and educational experience, the Rotary Centre for the Arts is the perfect destination.

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