Carpet Cleaning

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No matter how much you maintain the state of your home or workplace in Kelowna or Vancouver, objects can gather dirt and stains over time. This can create a dull, negative atmosphere in any type of setting. To avoid living in a drab home or having your employees unmotivated due to an unpleasant work environment you should contract the services of specialized cleaners every few months. Specialized cleaners provide cleaning solutions that ordinary cleaners cannot through the use of heavy duty equipment. Specialized cleaners are also equipped with the necessary skill set and knowledge to clean a variety of objects and places effectively, such as inaccessible windows, marble floors and concrete walls.

Carpet cleaning is another service offered by the majority of specialized cleaning agencies in Kelowna and Vancouver. Carpet cleaning involves the removal of dirt, stains and allergens from carpets, that aren’t eradicated by the usual cleaning methods such as hovering and washing. Clean carpets can contribute to a safe, healthy environment. This is particularly true if there are personnel in the surroundings with dust allergies and respiratory problems. One such company that offers Carpet cleaning is Foster Cleaning Services. Based in British Columbia, the company employs a large number of specialized cleaners that can provide their services and expertise in a variety of situations.

Foster Janitorial Cleaning has provided cleaning services in Kelowna and Vancouver and other cities since 2000 and, so, is a company that has extensive experience and knowledge in the field, allowing it to help in a range of unusual settings. Whatever your problem, Foster Cleaning has very likely seen it before! With employees from across British Columbia, it contributes to the citizens of the province, reducing unemployment in many areas. It goes without saying that Foster Cleaning is a leader in its field. Employees contracted through the company to clean carpets will be members of the Ground Crew.

They have the ability to both dry clean and wet clean carpets in Kelowna and Vancouver. The dry cleaning methods utilized use the Green Seal certified HOST extraction system, for optimal effectiveness. This system uses dry compounds in addition to application solutions, a method that has a very fast drying time. For areas of carpet that require intensive treatment, manual spotters as well as pre-conditioners are used. These allow soiled materials to break away from carpet fibers. Solvents can also be used to get rid of dirt and grime. In wet cleaning, the latest equipment is used – the track mount – for quick wet extraction.

This prevents carpets becoming discolored or taking exorbitant amounts of time to dry. This type of Carpet cleaning promotes long carpet life. Pretreatments are sometimes used in wet Carpet cleaning to ensure optimal extraction of dirt. The specialized cleaners at Foster Cleaning in Kelowna and Vancouver are highly trained and hold all necessary qualifications. The company considers human resources to be of the utmost importance, as it provides customers with the best services on offer in the market. The primary aim of Foster Cleaning is to surpass the expectations of the client, by going above and beyond what is anticipated.

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