Cleaning Services

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If you are looking into some local cleaning services in Kelowna or Vancouver and have stumbled across the user-friendly website of Foster Cleaning in this quest to find superior service in the sanitation industry, then all of your cleaning worries will vanish from here on out. With several years not only of experience in cleaning service, Foster Cleaning is also able to boast several certification courses for many, if not all, of theircleaning services for every single one of their cleaning categories. Indeed, everyone who has employed the cleaning services of this company has readily noted some rapid changes for the better when it came to a cleaner, tidier and more sanitary working environment. For certain industries, sanitation is highly essential to be able to work properly while avoiding injury, so if you are one of these companies or even an average one who just needs some regular cleaning services, then take on Foster Cleaning because their hard work ethic and superior quality in their work cannot be beat by anyone else in the industry in Kelowna or Vancouver.

One of the first questions which many people have regarding cleaning services and the multiple companies who seem to offer them is whether or not they are able to properly go about these duties. For example, if the business in questions happens to be in the medical field, whether it is a hospital, clinic, retirement home, surgical center or any other such facility, then it is fairly obvious that the right cleaning services must be employed so as to avoid serious accidents. If medical devices are not properly cleaned, who’s to say that the next patient will be worked on by completely sanitary tools? Or maybe some old linen, clothing, gloves, needles or other common hospital paraphernalia were not disposed of properly and a new bacterial or viral strain develops which is hard to eradicate with most antibiotics or anti-viral medications? All of these are some serious health concerns and proper cleaning services from places such as Foster Cleaning may prove to be an absolutely vital skill set necessary to keep such risks at bay in Kelowna and Vancouver or anywhere else. Do not risk the health of patients, family members, friends or staff members any longer – employ the services of a facility such as this one because their experience, strong work ethic, and detailed certification courses along are sufficient to be able to get the job done right the first time every single time.

Aside from the medical field, there are many other companies or businesses in Kelownaor Vancouver which Foster Cleaning is certified to offer their cleaning services to. For a complete list of cleaning services for different places that this company offers, all one has to do is pull a comfortable chair up to the computer screen and browse away. These cleaning services has made sure to include plenty of information so that everyone will be able to make a much more informed decision, so you get to relax knowing that your sanitation and cleaning needs will be in some very capable hands. The benefits are numerous, so start reading!

Cleaning Staff

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Not everyone today can afford a cleaning staff for the home, although it’s a dream of many homeowners in Kelowna and Vancouver to have someone else handle this cleaning. A full-time staff can be quite an expense, but it’s surprising how affordable it is to have a cleaning staff come in to visit the home once or twice per month. When you investigate the cost you may realize that you can have someone visit your home regularly to handle many cleaning chores.

Some find it advantageous to have a cleaning staff handle larger chores around the home once per month or more, such as drapery cleaning, spot cleaning of the carpets, cleaning the wood floors, and so on. They can then handle the everyday chores more easily and the home is cleaner overall. A cleaning staff handling the larger chores is often easier on homeowners in Kelowna and Vancouver since they have the right equipment to do this work.

When hiring a cleaning staff for your home, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. Here are some quick tips for making the process go as smoothly as possible.

Make a List

What do you want the cleaning staff to handle in your Kelowna or Vancouver home? It’s important to give this some consideration since every company works differently, and they don’t handle responsibilities that are not clearly outlined for them. It’s a mistake to assume that the cleaning staff will just clean the way you would or to assume that certain chores will be handled. Walk through your house with a paper and pen and write out everything, from cleaning mirrors and knickknacks to emptying trash and dusting.

Review this list a few times before you call a potential cleaning staff. If there are others in the home with you, ask their opinion and for anything additional they think should be on this list. You might be surprised at what you’ve overlooked!

Get it in Writing

A good cleaning staff and very professional company will put their work order in writing before they begin, no matter the work to be done. Since every home is different and every homeowner has different needs, it’s important for the cleaning staff to review this list as they visit each time in Kelowna or Vancouver.

The estimate from the cleaning staff will also be based on that list of things to be done, so it’s imperative that it be complete and accurate. If you want drapes cleaned, this will cost extra. However if you don’t want this done, you shouldn’t be charged the same amount as a homeowner that does have this done. The difference in the work done by the cleaning staff will mean the difference in what you’re charged.

Remember these tips when you call to have a potential cleaning staff visit your home. Make that list and keep it with you and review it with the sales rep, and work with the staff as much as possible so your Kelowna or Vancouver home is as clean as possible.

Commercial Cleaning

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Hiring a commercial cleaning service in Kelowna or Vancouver is not just for businesses and it’s not just for the rich and famous. Many today are finding that they can have a cleaning company handle larger chores around their home or make regular visits for much less money than they imagined. A good commercial cleaning company may help your home to stay cleaner overall since you would need to handle only everyday chores between their visits.

A commercial cleaning company is also typically necessary with any type of business inKelowna and Vancouver as it’s necessary to keep facilities clean for workers and visitors. Businesses that sell food items and other types of industries are also required to have certain cleaning done regularly. Using a commercial cleaning company is often vital in these circumstances.

When hiring and working with a commercial cleaning company, you need to understand what is necessary on your part in order to have this cleaning work done properly. For example, it’s vital that you get a written work order from your commercial cleaning company that lists everything that will be done, and that you review it carefully. You may assume that the service will include certain responsibilities when it does not, and if these are not listed on the work order they will not be handled.

If you want your Kelowna or Vancouver commercial cleaning company to handle additional work above and beyond what is listed on their work order, you’ll probably need to negotiate a new work order with them. This is because you’re paying for certain services and additional services mean more work and time for them, so yourcommercial cleaning company will need to consider this additional time and work. They will probably need to adjust their quote and their invoicing.

When it comes to commercial cleaning services for the home, it’s imperative that you have the home accessible as agreed upon and that children and pets are out of the way. Those that are cleaning need to work uninterrupted; they’re not there to baby-sit or to chat and should be protected from dangerous or annoying pets. Respecting these needs of your commercial cleaning service will mean that the service gets done much more quickly and more effectively, and may protect you from complaints and from losing that service.

Open communication is imperative when you hire a commercial cleaning service inKelowna or Vancouver for any reason. If you have an issue with their service, bring it to their attention before simply dismissing the company. They may not realize your complaints or may not realize something is being overlooked. Don’t assume it’s okay to simply not pay your commercial cleaning company; this can result in a civil suit to get that money paid. Try to work out issues as professionals, but do feel free to find another company if you are simply unhappy with your current providers.

These simple tips will make working with a commercial cleaning company in Kelowna orVancouver that much easier for you and will help them to perform those services more effectively.

Contract Cleaners

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When you own or manage a business in Kelowna or Vancouver you have to deal with many details that you perhaps never expected. Keeping your facility clean and hiringcontract cleaners is one of those details that can be more difficult than you may have imagined. It’s easy to think that you simply do a quick online search or pull a name from a phonebook and hire a company that will do a great job for you. Unfortunately hiring contract cleaners is a little more complicated than that.

Understanding the process can help you to make the best decision when it comes tocontract cleaners in Kelowna or Vancouver. There is always a wide variation in the quality of work you receive from cleaners, and you want the service for which you’re paying. You also need to protect your business and your property as it’s easily accessible when working with contract cleaners.

Here are some quick tips for hiring and working with contract cleaners for your business no matter your industry.

Starts With You

Before you even begin looking for contract cleaners it’s good to do some thinking about what you need done by way of cleaning for your business in Kelowna orVancouver. You may assume that cleaning services are just standard, but this isn’t always the case. Do you want to have the trash emptied and front windows washed inside and out? Not all contract cleaners handle larger jobs such as windows and not all wipe down desks and the tops of cubicle walls. Should they refill soap dispensers and paper towels in the restrooms, or do you have a maintenance person that does this?

Take some time to walk through your office or facility and think of what you want thosecontract cleaners to complete; this means everything from dusting to emptying trashes to wiping down vertical blinds. Make a complete list and leave out no detail, no matter how obvious it sounds. Those contract cleaners will base their bid on the list of work to be done and they need to know what to expect when they take on your job in Kelownaor Vancouver.

Get it in Writing

Most professional contract cleaners will give you a work order that lists everything they will do for you; it’s important that these things be in writing before moving forward. This is because you want to know what you’re paying for and want to ensure that the job will be done properly. If you aren’t provided a list by the contract cleaners or they don’t want to sign off on the list you provide, it’s good to find another company.

Make sure you’re also in agreement as to payment arrangements; most invoice a month at a time with 30 days to pay. It’s also good to make sure you pay your contract cleaners promptly, as they provide an invaluable service and deserve to be paid quickly. Keep these tips in mind when hiring and working with contract cleaners in Kelowna orVancouver and the process will no doubt be much easier for you.

Contract Cleaning

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Some Kelowna and Vancouver companies are very fortunate in that they may employ a full-time maintenance staff, whereas other companies need to have a contract cleaning service maintain their facilities. Deciding which choice is the best for you will depend upon various factors, and it’s important to consider all these factors before you make your decision.

No one can tell you if a contract cleaning service is right for your company and you’ll need to carefully consider the pros and cons of such a service, versus an in-house maintenance staff. In some cases it may be beneficial to hire a Kelowna or Vancouvercontract cleaning service to help with the regular cleaning that your maintenance staff performs.

Here are some important considerations for anyone looking to hire a contract cleaningservice or that is questioning if such a service is necessary for their own company. Remember to take your time to shop around when hiring a contract cleaning company so you know you get the right one for you and your facility.

Cost of Outside Services

Obviously the cost of a contract cleaning service will be a consideration and you may immediately assume that hiring a maintenance person will be much cheaper for you. However, remember that having someone on staff involves more than just their wages; you’ll need to provide sick time, vacation time, medical benefits, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and other costs such as these. Having aKelowna or Vancouver contract cleaning service handle your regular maintenance may make more financial sense overall, when you think of all these other costs.

When you have an outside contract cleaning service handle your cleaning needs, you can also decide on how often they will do this for you. Most visit a facility once per week but you may want more visits if your facility needs more cleaning, or fewer visits in order to save on the costs. Being able to tailor the services provided by a Kelowna orVancouver contract cleaning company can help your business in many ways.

Work to Be Done

Another good reason to consider a professional contract cleaning service is that you may need certain things done with your facility that a regular maintenance staff does not handle. For example, what about cleaning blinds in offices or the inside of windows? You typically need to hire a contract cleaning company that handles these specific chores and responsibilities and which has the right equipment and know-how to get these jobs done properly.

Very often a Kelowna or Vancouver company will have a maintenance individual that handles everyday chores such as emptying trash and refilling restroom supplies, and then will have a contract cleaning company that handles larger responsibilities. This will keep a facility in tiptop shape. If you handle food or other perishables, you may also need a contract cleaning company that is familiar with the laws regarding these types of supplies. They can ensure that your equipment is cleaned properly so that you are always up to code and will pass inspection.

Hospitality Housekeeping

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As the owner or manager of one or more hotels in Kelowna or Vancouver it falls within your job to ensure the cleanliness of every room you have for rent as well as the public areas. One of the most common complaints by guests regarding the hotel industry is poorly cleaned rooms and things like soiled linens. Hospitality housekeeping is commonly regarded as poor in an industry where it should be paramount. No guest wants to spend good money on a room for the night only to find the room unfit to sleep in. Most Kelowna and Vancouver hotels maintain their own hospitality housekeeping staff and this is where the problem may lie. When you have a team of employees that work directly for you, they assume that their jobs are relatively safe and as such become comfortable in their positions. This is a recipe for disaster as this often leads to complacency, which in turn leads to the poor quality of cleanliness that the majority of guests complain about. It is far more cost effective and efficient to hire an outside company to take care of your hospitality housekeeping needs.

To start with you will save money by no longer needing to maintain a full staff. This eliminates wages, benefits, uniforms and any other costs associated with having full time employees. Instead you will pay a flat fee per month to the company you contract with. For this they will provide you with a fully trained cleaning crew that is experts in housekeeping. Each member of this hospitality housekeeping crew will have been thoroughly trained to perform their jobs. This is another area that seems to fall short with an in house staff; in general this type of employee will have been trained by those who are already on staff. In which case they will learn the same bad habits and not provide the level of cleanliness you need to have if you want to keep your guests happy every time they check in. When you hire an outside Kelowna or Vancouver hospitality housekeeping company you will be getting a team of dedicated cleaners.

The company that provides them will have provided the proper level of industry training and will provide continuing education so that they stay at the top of their game. Unfazed by the lackadaisical attitudes that can plague in-house cleaners; they are available to provide the highest possible level of cleanliness for your Kelowna orVancouver hotel seven days a week, 24 hours a day. If you are interested in hiring an outside company to provide for your hospitality housekeeping needs you need to contact Foster Cleaning. For over 10 years they have been in the business of providing cleaning services to a wide range of customers. They will work with you to provide the level of staffing your need to match your occupancy levels as they fluctuate. All employees are motivated and thoroughly trained and will receive follow up training by their in house SETA registered training department. Your guests will always find spotlessly clean rooms and will come back time and again for a Kelowna or Vancouverroom.


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When you run a factory in Kelowna or Vancouver that is responsible for manufacturing or processing any type of product that is intended for public consumption, hygiene must be considered your number one concern.

The speed at which bacteria, fungi and germs can build up is unimaginable and if left unchecked can quickly infiltrate your finish products and from there directly affect the health and well-being of the general public who will be consuming your products.Hygiene is a relatively simple concept, it means that everything from your employees hands to the most complicated piece of equipment in your plant that actually comes into direct contact with your product must be kept as clean as possible at all times. Failure to do so can easily result in contaminated products that can end up on the shelves for sale to the public in Kelowna and Vancouver. If consumed the results can be quite catastrophic, ranging from mild to severe illnesses that can result in hospitalization or in a worst case scenario death. When you run a very small company, you may find that you can handle the hygiene yourself with just your employees.

On the other hand if you are in charge of a large processing or manufacturing facility inKelowna or Vancouver you are likely to find that your employees do not have the time to do a thorough enough job of this task. This seems to be where the majority of contamination problems occur and requires a team of professional cleaners that can come in and take care of the deep cleaning on a regular basis. One of the problems with relying on in house staff to handle the hygiene task is that they do not have the time to do thorough job. Often the only time they have for cleaning is at the end of what is probably already a long enough shift, at this point they are already tired and ready to go home. The last thing on their minds is doing a thorough job of tearing the equipment down to sanitize it at the end of the day.

Because of this much of the equipment is likely to get less than a thorough cleaning. When you bring in a professional cleaning crew the level of hygiene will be exactly where it should be. These teams can come in at the end of the shift and take the entire area apart. Their job is to sanitize all of the utensils, work surfaces and equipment in order to remove all traces of bacteria, fungi and germs. They will also clean walls and floors to ensure that when the next shift comes in there is no risk of any form of cross contamination that can cause your consumers any problems. If you are interested in hiring a company in Kelowna or Vancouver that can provide this level of hygiene for your food processing facility, you need to contact Foster Cleaning. As the most specialized cleaning company in British Columbia they offer employees that are all trained to provide exemplary service to ensure that your facility maintains the highest level of cleanliness possible at all times.

Hygiene Services

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Running a food processing plant in Kelowna or Vancouver comes with more than its fair share of complications, one of the most important tasks that must be performed on a shift by shift basis it keep everything clean and sanitary.

While some companies still prefer to keep their hygiene services as an integral part of their business and hire their own staff, in today’s economy this is not always the most practical choice. More companies in Kelowna and Vancouver are finding that outsourcing this type of work often yields better results at a lower cost than hiring in house staff. Unlike basic cleaning service that come in a mop the floors, dust the furniture and take out the trash, hygiene services are used to perform much more in depth cleaning. You can hire a standard cleaning crew to take care of the offices, but when you are running any kind of food processing plant you are going to need a team of trained hygiene specialists who understand that a simple wipe down is not going to suffice, especially if your plant handles meat or fish. The goal of hygiene services is to ensure that your plant is clean enough to safely process and package the foods that are going to reach the consumer’s table and be consumed.

This means that every aspect of your food handling, preparation and packaging must be kept completely spotless. Anything less can lead to a buildup of bacteria in your machinery that can transfer to the foods you are producing. The end result is contaminated foods that can cause a variety of illnesses or worse yet death. When you hire a company in Kelowna or Vancouver that provides hygiene services, you will be hiring a team of fully trained cleaning staff. They will have spent many hours in classroom training learning the science behind the job they do. In learning the science behind disinfection these specialists learn why it is so important that they complete each task in the most thorough manner possible. With this type of work there is no room for sloppiness or error and every person on the hygiene team is committed to the level of quality. In order to ensure that the staff supplied by the hygiene services you hire are going to continue to provide you with exceptional service, you will find that their employees go through frequent training courses.

Some of these are refresher courses to ensure that nobody forgets what they are doing, while others are upgrade classes to help their employees learn new techniques or about new products that will allow them to do a better job. If you are interested in hiring hygiene services for your food processing plant in Kelowna or Vancouver instead of relying on your own in house staff to do the job, consider contacting Foster Cleaning. They have become the most specialized cleaning service in British Columbia. Their employees are among the best and most respected in the industry and you will find that your plant is kept spotlessly clean at all times.

Industrial Cleaning

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When you have a factory or warehouse in Kelowna or Vancouver, one of the biggest concerns you have is keeping the area clean. Cleaning is not something that is optional even for those areas that customers may never see.

A dirty factory is an unsafe environment for your workers, due to a variety of hazards that can exist in the equipment or the environment. Toxic chemicals can create health issues, substances on the floor can cause injuries and flammables can be a fire hazard.Industrial cleaning is far different from commercial cleaning in the inherent risks that come along with it. When looking for a company in Kelowna or Vancouver to do yourindustrial cleaning the first thing you must do is to look for a company that puts safety as their number one goal, this is essential for your workers and the employees of the cleaning company.

You must also find a company that offers ongoing and thorough training to all of its employees. This training helps them to understand the proper way to handle equipment, how to deal with toxic waste, and many other safety related information they will need to do their job, a SETA registered training department is a must to ensure full compliance with all safety regulations. Commercial cleaning is far different from industrial cleaning and it is important to understand the difference. Commercial cleaning is what is offered to your offices and lobbies in Kelowna and Vancouver where office workers and customers are, this type of cleaning is often available in addition to your industrial cleaning from the same company making it possible to customize what you need based on your business and your needs. Whether you need general daily cleaning or you need complete shutdown deep cleans, an industrial cleaning company should be able to provide that for you. Look for a company in Kelowna or Vancouverthat can address all of your cleaning needs, some companies specialize in certain types of cleaning specific to the industrial cleaning needs you may have, but there are many advantages to finding a company that can do all of the cleaning you need.

You will be able to have a better line of communication with the company and the staff as well as you will get to know the staff and feel comfortable with them. Industrial cleaning includes a variety of services such as industrial vacuumation, laundry services, sludge removal, cleaning and sanitizing of change houses and underground cleaning services. If your factory has dining halls or kitchens these too can be taken care of. Trained health and safety officers are on site at all times to ensure that all of the cleaning is done safely and properly and External safety induction training and PPE are also provided. It is important to find an industrial cleaning company in Kelowna andVancouver that can offer professional services and custom tailor their services to your needs, if you are looking for cleaning services for your factory or warehouse Foster Cleaning can help. They offer a wide array of cleaning services from commercial cleaning to high level cleaning, window cleaning and floor restoration.


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In the food service industry in Kelowna and Vancouver cleanliness is not just a byword it is a vital part of everyday life. A simple cleaning is not good enough to do the job. Proper sanitation involves going far being washing the utensils and wiping down the counters and food preparation areas. Proper sanitation involves deep cleaning everything in order to eliminate any bacteria and germs that collect during the production cycle. In reality it is a job that is never done and despite many recent efforts at improving the situation there is still plenty of room for improvement. It is a well-known fact that in commercial kitchen across the nation cross contamination due to improper sanitation is responsible for millions of illnesses every year and several thousand deaths.

Accordingly the NSF International (National Sanitation Foundation) now sets voluntary standards for cleanliness in the hospitality industry worldwide, however these are only voluntary and not everyone abides by them, some have never even heard of them. Many food service facilities in Kelowna and Vancouver rely on their own employees to take care of their sanitation needs, which may or may not be the best idea. It can be hard to expect an employee who has already worked a full shift to be 100% attentive to the task, this seems to be where the largest percentage of the problem occurs and when you factor in that many of them have not been properly trained in sanitation, the problems only amplify. In order to reduce or eliminate the problem many food service companies in Kelowna and Vancouver are turning to professional sanitation companies. These companies take over where the routine cleaning stops to make sure that everything from the utensils to the counters, machinery, walls and floors are properly sanitized. Their job is to ensure that facility is in near sterile condition before the next shift begins the process of food preparation. This level of sanitation is vital in the battle to stop cross-contamination and the transfer of food born bacteria and germs from the equipment to the food and then to the consumers.

These companies send in a team of professional workers who have been fully trained in every aspect of sanitizing a food service business whether it a restaurant, a hospital cafeteria or an industrial food preparation facility such as a cannery or a meat processing plant. The type of business does not matter only that they must all meet the same levels of cleanliness in order to protect the public from the risk of any illness or disease. For those in the food service industry in British Columbia that are looking for asanitation company that can take care of all of their needs, there is Foster Cleaning. They have professionally trained employees in Kelowna and Vancouver and across the province who are ready to come to your facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that it meets and exceeds all sanitary standards. The management team can work with you to establish a working schedule that fits in with your hours so that there is little to no interruption in your normal flow of business and everything will be kept clean.