Vancouver Cleaning Companies – Foster Janitorial is #1

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Foster Janitorial is one of the most trusted Vancouver cleaning companies. The #1 choice of property owners and businesses not only for their high quality commercial cleaning expertise but for their reputation for customer satisfaction. Our superior quality, tightly controlled cleaning process ensures that you receive unmatched service and sparkling clean results, leaving you with a healthy and clean environment.

Did You Know That Office Cleaning Services Can Increase Productivity?

Research has found that a clean office plays a crucial role in productivity. Office desks and cubicle wall edges alone contain over 400 times the degree of germs than a restroom toilet, germs that contribute to employees taking approximately 7 sick days a year on average. That number can be lowered by having an office cleaning plan in place that will prevent the spread of germs. Your customers, employees and tenants deserve the best when they enter your building both visually and from a health standpoint. Foster Janitorial will stop at nothing to deliver unrivaled office cleaning and building maintenance services to the people who matter most in your business; your employees and/or tenants.

Foster Office Cleaning Services Provide

  • Commercial Cleaning – A sparking clean office building, from gleaming floors to sanitized restrooms
  • Strata Residential Cleaning – Cleaning services for the condominium and apartment market.
  • Pool-Hot Tub Maintenance – complete maintenance services for pools and hot tubs including draining, cleaning, detailing and more.
  • Eco-Responsible cleaning – using eco-friendly cleaning products that will protect the health of the occupants of your building.
  • Trusted Professionals – Dedicated, experienced, responsible and trustworthy janitorial professionals who can handle any office cleaning challenge.
  • Janitorial Services for Single and Multi-Tenant Buildings


Most commercial building owners strive to showcase the high value in their commercial spaces. Their tenants come to expect it. At Foster Janitorial, we deliver above and beyond expectations and our cleaning services are customized to fit the specific needs of each of our clients and/or tenants. No matter what your needs may be, Foster Janitorial can deliver a cleaning services program that provides consistent, high quality cleaning that will add value to your building.

Home and Office Cleaning Services

Life happens. Drinks get spilled, printer toner spills, dust piles up – let’s face it; anywhere people gather gets dirty. Foster’s janitorial professionals have the expertise to provide a deeper clean than the average cleaning services. The strata residential cleaning services performed by our professionals will ease the challenges of the constant maintenance of your residence and create a clean, safe and comfortable living environment.

Our Mission

It is about bringing the life and a clean environment out in homes, offices and commercial buildings while providing exceptional customer support. What makes Foster Janitorial one of the best Vancouver cleaning companies is not just our 10+ years of professional cleaning experience, but our mission to always deliver unparalleled janitorial services to the individuals who matter most; our clients and their tenants. You can count on us to stop at nothing to provide you with exceptional janitorial services. Bottom line, Foster Janitorial is the best choice for home, office and commercial cleaning services.

Call 250-717-7979 today for a free, no obligation quote.

Vancouver Janitorial You Can Depend On

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Businesses are constantly on the move these days and their staff, from the executives to the receptionist, spend so much time trying to keep up with their workloads that the last thing they find time for is cleaning their workspaces. Our Vancouver janitorial services will do the cleaning for or employees and/or tenants, leaving you with time to focus on more important tasks.

Foster janitorial services work with businesses of all sizes and industries to ensure their office buildings and residential properties make the best possible 1st impression. Our mission is to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. If you run a company, we understand that the productivity of your employees depends in part on having a clean and healthy work environment, which is why you need to hire with a janitorial service that has a good eye for the details, with a business model that is based on efficiency.

We’re a Cleaning Service that You Can Trust

We guarantee that you’ll appreciate our efficient and knowledgeable approach to our janitorial services and how it will improve your businesses’ bustling environment. Our reputation for dependability and trust, along with our history of success with our clients and their employee’s needs speaks for itself.

Professional Janitorial Staff

Our dedicated janitorial professionals provide dependable, dedicated service. Studies have shown that having a clean, safe working environment has been linked to a higher quality workforce and a reduction in turnover. While the findings of the study make sense, it only applies if the service provided is exceptional and that’s Foster Janitorial.

We Treat You and Your Company with Respect

Whether your organization is considering just one time janitorial help or would prefer a customized, recurring service, you can be sure that we’re going to have a janitorial solution that fits your specific needs. We’re committed to providing you with top notch janitorial service and we approach each and every client with a focus on integrity, dedication, and reliability.

When it comes to Vancouver janitorial services, we provide the very best. Some of the services we offer include but aren’t limited to:

  • Commercial and retail janitorial services
  • Customized cleaning and budget solutions
  • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • Strata residential cleaning
  • Carpet care
  • Waste removal
  • Window cleaning
  • Post construction cleaning
  • Exterior and interior painting
  • Parking lot and grounds clean up
  • Landscaping and snow removal
  • Swimming pool and hot tub maintenance
  • Pressure washing the interior and exterior
  • Flood clean up and floor replacement and restoration
  • High dust removal (light fixtures, air vents, gutters, beams, etc.)


All of the staff at Foster Janitorial has the same mindset and that’s that your company’s objectives become ours. When you choose to work with us, you can count on us looking for ways to make your work atmosphere clean and productive. We’ll work together with you to come up with a cleaning plan that suits your needs along with your budget.

If you’re looking for a Vancouver janitorial service, call Foster Janitorial at 250-717-7979. There’s no substitution for the best.

Choosing A Cleaning Company in the Okanagan

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Cleaning services that genuinely care for the customer are the ones that you should choose from to clean your homes, offices and other commercial spaces. Okanagan Cleaning companies that care about their customers ensure that they not only clean the obvious dirt, spots and dust but also leave your premises sanitized and hygienically clean and your valuables safe.

Appearances can be Deceiving

Have you ever wondered if your home just appears clean on the surface but if it is indeed free of all allergens, mites and molds also? Good professional cleaning companies are not told what they ought to do but they simply go about their job knowing exactly what level of cleanliness is needed. Your cleaning service should give you the same kind of satisfaction that a government inspector gets when he tick marks a food processing plant for cleanliness, sanitary conditions and for hygienic parameters. The cleaning personnel should be well trained, skilled and so reliable that without your having to say so they should be giving you a ‘completely’ cleaned home or commercial establishment.

Well Organized

It is always a good idea to use an Okanagan cleaning company that has enough staff and which is well organized. You know a company is well organized when you speak to them on the phone or go through their website. When speaking on the phone they will have a professional tone and will note down your exact requirements, the date and time by which you want the work done. They must be able to clean the commercial business premises exactly by the scheduled time. Look for a company that can schedule their cleaning to suit your time so that your home and office are spotless and sparkling before your party, or before that office general meeting. The company must have enough staff and resources so that they are able to complete their cleaning job in the time promised.

Are they Cleaning Everything on the List?

Some companies do a minimum amount of work and there are others who take pride in doing a thorough job. Hard work and dedication are hallmarks of a professional cleaning company. If your company has a checklist to tick off all cleaning jobs then it is an ideal situation as they will provide you a wide range of services. Carpet cleaning, curtains, furniture, floors, your bathrooms and tubs, doors and windows, kitchen, ceilings, your garden, light fixtures, trim your garden bushes and even shovel the snow. A company that gives you a lot of services at reasonable rates should be the one to select.

Pay Attention to Legal Issues

Always choose a cleaning company that has been around for some time because they not only have the experience but have proved to be successful at their job. They will also have their employees licensed and insured against any injury that they might suffer on your premises which you would otherwise have to pay for. A bonded cleaning company offers a guarantee that your valuables are completely safe from theft.

If you’re looking for a cleaning company in the Okanagan, call Foster Janitorial at 250-717-7979.

There’s no substitution for the best.

Okanagan Janitorial Service Guide

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In Okanagan, janitorial services are one of the most outsourced services as most people have busy work schedules to get their cleaning done thoroughly on their own. Many homeowners and commercial establishment owners schedule a weekly, bi weekly or monthly cleaning program. However, sometimes there crops up a special requirement for cleaning the home as there could be a party scheduled or a meeting coming up at the office.

Documented Workers

Whichever, janitorial cleaning services you use as a homeowner make sure that the workers are all documented and the company is bonded so that your valuables are safe from damage and theft. A professional company that has well trained and skilled staff who know what cleaning supplies to use on the various kinds of surfaces and fabrics will be a good choice for you and will give you the least headache especially if the company has been around for a good 10 years or more. The longer a company has been around the better they are likely to be at their job and offer a more professional touch.

More Services

Getting your premises, apartments and homes sparkling clean in all aspects is what most people want. From the carpets to the ceiling and everything in between must be dust, mold, grime and allergen free. You need a professional company that offers a wide range of janitorial cleaning services so that your home not only looks as good as new but is safe and hygienic from top to toe. It is pointless getting just a few items cleaned as pets with dirty paws and children with dirty hands can spread a lot of bacteria on a huge number of surfaces. So schedule your cleaning with a company that offers a wide range of services at reasonable rates and includes outdoor services so that your garden looks as beautiful as your home.


A professional company will have the resources and the personnel to get all the janitorial duties accomplished without a fuss and bother. No matter how busy they might be they should be able to complete all scheduled tasks for the day in a way that leaves you more than 100% satisfied.  They should ensure that air conditioners vents and even light fixtures are clean and in working order. Does your janitorial service company leave your toilets, mirrors, bath tubs, sinks, floors and trash cans clean and sanitized as well so that they are free of all harmful bacteria. Do they tell you what cleaning supplies they are using so that surfaces, carpets and floors are not damaged or cause you any allergy?

Customer Care

An Okanagan janitorial service that cares for their customers will offer 24 hour support service in case any customer should require them outside the scheduled time. Do you have a janitor service that provides you the mobile numbers of its workers? Do their sanitation and hygiene expertise ensure that all those who visit your home or commercial business will be happy to see the level of cleanliness the company provides.

If you’re looking for a janitorial service in the Okanagan, call Foster Janitorial at 250-717-7979.

There’s no substitution for the best.

Foster Janitorial Behind the Scenes

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Foster Janitorial Cleaning Services

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If you are the owner of a business in Kelowna or Vancouver or maybe your job is running something like a healthcare facility or restaurant, then you are more than likely well aware of how tedious a task it can be to follow many of the health laws involving cleaning each place.

Sanitation is vital for many industries such as health care and food, so this is why it is important to employ the services of a cleaning company that is thoroughly trained, certified and knowledgeable when it comes to managing this aspect. Fortunately for those who came across Foster Cleaning, this task just got a whole lot easier thanks to their professionalism and several years of experience to back up their claim for quality. No one else will be able to offer cleaning services of such a high caliber, so when you need someone who is reliable and capable of getting the job done right the first time so as to save time, seek out the services of this cleaning company and you will not be disappoinated.One of the first things which a business owner or manager will notice about Foster Cleaning is quite simply that they offer such a wide variety of cleaningservices for just about any industry located in Kelowna or Vancouver among others.

The Foster Food Hygiene Division is one such branch of the services they offer inKelowna and Vancouver, so you would do very well for your business to see what they have to offer your type of business. Places like bakeries, meat markets/butcheries, food manufacturers, any area that includes the production of food or processing it, and all other food-related industries are readily covered by a highly professional staff at FosterCleaning. With quality in their service and expertise that will take second place to no one in the cleaning industry, every business owner will have a valuable asset by their side so that the business will run much more smoothly. It is impossible to deny thatcleaning services in Kelowna or Vancouver are not so much of a necessity, especially when another person’s health is involved. Achieve the maximum results for your business by employing the services of a highly qualified cleaning company such as this one and you will not regret it once everything starts running much more smoothly around the work place and your clients/customers begin to notice the upgrade in quality.

Even if your type of business is not directly related to food and similar processing, there are so many other cleaning areas covered by Foster Cleaning in Kelowna or Vancouver. Every cleaning category has a wide list of professionals who undergo not only rigorous training courses, but also several certification courses that are meant to keep everyone educated in this important job. Cleaning services of this caliber are here to benefit everyone who is involved, whether that is the business owner, the employees, the customers, and even the cleaning professionals themselves all the way to the environment. Foster Cleaning takes your best interests into consideration as well as that of the environment by utilizing many green methods, so this is yet another reason to invest in their services in Kelowna or Vancouver among others.

Cleaning Companies

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If you are the owner of a business Kelowna or Vancouver and the time has come to start looking for some new cleaning companies that are experienced in maintaining the appearance of a building as well as professional in their work, then you are more than likely well aware of how hard it can be to find a reliable source. However, for those who referred to Foster Cleaning, this problem can be eliminated altogether due to the experienced staff members and standards they have set for themselves. For quite some time now, this company has been handling many cleaning aspects while taking certain sanitation proceedings into consideration through proper and thorough training so you can rest assured that your place will be in great condition afterward. So if you want only high quality cleaning companies to work for you in Kelowna or Vancouver, then seek out the best in the industry at Foster Cleaning.

Only at Foster Cleaning will you have thoroughly trained professionals who have accomplished many certification courses so as to ensure top quality cleaning services. One of the first things one will notice while browsing through this user-friendly website related to cleaning companies is quite simply that their services are some of the highest quality in this industry. Cleaning companies in Kelowna and Vancouver like this one offer a wide variety of services which are able to cover a great many areas, such as commercial and retail business locations, education facilities, food hygiene, healthcare, healthcare caregivers, hospitality, and so many other services. If you are the owner of a factory or warehouse in Kelowna or Vancouver, there are even certified specialists who are more than capable of taking care of every tiny detail which is so important for promoting a safe and sanitary working environment. Cleaning companies such as this one provide a very valuable service to almost any industry so that everyone can stay safe and not have to spend additional time cleaning their work station when it could be done by a professional whose sole job is to take care of such things. So if you are currently looking for some high quality cleaning companies in Kelowna or Vancouverwho are more than capable of making sure your business area stays neat and tidy, then go online and see what Foster Cleaning can do for you. You will not be disappointed with their certified services no matter what type of business you run.

Now that you are just a little more familiar with the quality of such cleaning companiesas this one, what are you waiting for? The process to get started is a very simple one. All you literally have to do is grab a comfortable chair and browse online through all of the useful information contained on this user-friendly website. Making an informed decision regarding which cleaning companies you would prefer is now much easier thanks to the website of Foster Cleaning, so you can sit back and relax knowing that the sanitary needs of your building are well taken care of. The benefits are numerous, so see what cleaning companies like this one can do for you in Kelowna or Vancouver or anywhere else.

Cleaning Company

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If you are currently looking around for a new cleaning company in Kelowna orVancouver to either replace the old one or maybe even to start a new job, then you have come to the right place by starting at the user-friendly website of Foster Cleaning. For quite some time now, this company has been accumulating plenty of skill and certification courses over the years so that you will be provided with nothing short of a high quality experience. The services of Foster Cleaning are highly sought after due to their professionalism and skill which they so readily show through their good work, so you can rest assured that it will be no different for your business in Kelowna orVancouver or anywhere else. Every cleaning company aspect will be taken care of in hardly any time at all and every little detail will be taken care of so that any business owner will wonder why they did not come to this cleaning company first. The benefits are numerous because of the wide array of services they have to offer for so many fields, so go online today to see what Foster Cleaning has to offer you in Kelowna orVancouver or anywhere else!

One of the most popular divisions which Foster Cleaning specializes in happens to be in the health care realm. Whether it is maintaining the sanitation and appearances of a hospital, clinic, elderly care facilities, retirement villages, pharmaceutical companies, or any other sort of related medical facility, you can rest assured that this cleaning company already specializes in it. Each employee possesses a very strong work ethic which is backed up by the thorough training they receive because being a cleaning company for anything related to the healthcare system can be very demanding. The littlest sanitation mistakes can eventually turn into big ones but when you hire thiscleaning company to take on the challenge of maintaining the whole building, you can rest assured that no detail will go unnoticed during the cleaning and sterilization of each ward. Infection control, instrument washing, hospital laundry/linen services, hostesses in each hospital, and other similar services are readily found through Foster Cleaning, so just sit back and go online so that their professional services may be taken advantage of soon in Kelowna or Vancouver. You will not regret it once things start running a little smoother around the hospital due to the new level of sanitation and cleanliness being performed by this cleaning company.

Foster Cleaning fully realizes and takes into consideration that each facility is different, so this is why it is important to know that they will come up with a program solution which is specifically devised for your unique center. No matter what time of the day or night it is, Foster Cleaning will be available at all times all throughout the week. Each and every staff member from this cleaning company undergoes thorough training and is even put through the SETA-registered Training Department for optimal benefits all around. So if you want a high quality cleaning company to cover every detail of your building in Kelowna or Vancouver , refer to the best in the industry at Foster Cleaning where all of your cleaning and sanitation needs will be covered in hardly any time at all.

Cleaning Service

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So the time has come for you to find a new cleaning service in Kelowna or Vancouverfor your company or industry, and you seem to be stuck in trying to find the right cleaning source with the most amount of experience and even some certification under their belts. Many places have so many empty promises without the right certification that has to do with proper sanitary procedures, but when it comes to high quality and experience in just about any cleaning field, there is one name which stands out above all there rest in Kelowna and Vancouver, and that is through Foster Cleaning. For several years now this company has been utilizing their skills in many different places and industries and also accumulating several certification titles that allow them to prove their knowledge and quality work ethic. The benefits of hiring on the services of Foster Cleaning for all of your cleaning service needs are numerous and everyone will soon notice a difference around your place, so pick up the phone and see what this cleaning service has to offer you!

One of the first and foremost benefits which any business owner will have access to is quite simply a wide array of services that covers just about any field. For example, inKelowna or Vancouver or anywhere else, it is highly essential to maintain a sanitary environment for places like the medical community in nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, surgical centers, and many other related locations. The last thing anyone wants is an outbreak in Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus or any other serious bacterial infection just because someone did not properly dispose of materials in the medical center. This is just one huge reason why it would be a good idea for people of a similar field or any other environment that requires high levels of cleanliness to take on the services of Foster Cleaning. This company has all of the cleaning service experience and certification necessary to keep bacterial or viral infection at bay while also providing assistant in linen/clothing washing, hospitality, cleaning service education, and much more. You will not regret hiring the services of Foster Cleaning once your work place begins to notice fewer incidents of injury related to sanitation, so find a comfortable chair and start browsing through this user-friendly website for all of your cleaning service needs no matter what sort of business you are in.

Indeed, the benefits of hiring Foster Cleaning to take care of your business environment are numerous and you even stand the chance to save quite a bit of money in the long run as soon as fewer issues arise. Any motivated business owner in Kelowna orVancouver will really consider hiring a cleaning service such as this one when the job needs to get done right the first time every time, and Foster Cleaning has the strong work ethic necessary to do this. Your money will indeed be well spent. So if it is time to make the decision, just go online and take a look at this user-friendly website for theircleaning service. There is more than enough information to make an informed decision