To make a confident choice in choosing a janitorial company, you should pay attention to several factors that will help you in your decision.

  • Ask the company to offer you references regarding who can give you information about the services and quality of their business.
  • Experience and training. Experience is very important, but when it is backed by specific and ongoing training, it is far better. Ask the company about the training the cleaners receive, who offers the training and how often their training is updated.
  • Choose a company certified by the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIVlS), ClMS Green Building or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Ask them for a list of all certifications related to their business.
  • Make sure their staff is fully insured for the safety and security of you and your company.
  • Ask them if they have any blackout times or if they take emergency requests outside of regular business hours.
  • Green cleaning. Find out what cleaning products they are using, what processes they apply and if they can help your business get the green certifications that will help meet your environmental goals.
  • Customizable plans and programs. Each customer is different so having customizable plans is very important. Avoid getting trapped in a cleaning program that offers too much or not enough for your company.
  • Check if the company is compliant with OSHA laws, has uniforms and/or badges for their employees and has well-grounded procedures and processes for protecting confidential records.
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